IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!!! …drugs, alcohol, sex, career, relationships.
The pressures are huge!  Every day you’re faced with life changing decisions and God’s plan for your life is not always obvious. There are so many competing voices for your attention – who do you listen to?
We’re all hungry for love and acceptance. We all want to live a life of significance.
The choices you make now will affect the rest of your life. The question is: are your choices taking you closer to the person you want to be?



The Antioch Experience

The Antioch Weekend is a packed program of talks, music, games, discussion and fun. It’s led by youth who have prepared all the talks, supported by adult leaders. You’ll meet heaps of new people and get to know them in a real way.  You’ll also discover more about yourself and get some answers to those big questions that we all think about – who am I, really? where am I going? what’s the purpose of my life?

An Antioch weekend is different to anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. It’s a one shot deal, so make sure you can make the WHOLE weekend…believe us, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Friday 7pm – Sunday 9:30pm
  • Fun guaranteed…sleep is NOT!
  • Talks … eating… games… eating… music… did we mention eating?


Antioch Weekly Meeting

We meet every Sunday night in local communities. There’s usually a talk, Share Groups and lots of music!! Visitors are always welcome! So why don’t you drop by sometime? Contact your local Antioch group for the time and location.