PMRC (Australia) Incorporated CODE OF ETHICS


PMRC (Australia) Incorporated (PMRC) requires that all members, employees and volunteers conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the following ethics:

  1. PMRC services will be available to all people, regardless of their gender, ethnic background, beliefs, or disability.
  2. PMRC services will aim at promoting the highest possible degree of autonomy and self-determination in individuals, couples, families and communities.
  3. PMRC services will respect the intrinsic value, equality and human dignity of all persons and will be aware and sensitive to the potential power positions of workers and clients in the delivery of services. All individuals responsible for service provision through the delivery of PMRC programs are expected to be familiar with, and conform to, the specific ‘duty of care’ obligations associated with that program.
  4. PMRC will work with individuals, groups and social agencies outside of the Catholic Church on issues, policies and programmes which are compatible with Christian values and which work towards the Purpose of PMRC.
  5. PMRC will not advocate or promote in any of its activities or any course of action which is in clear contradiction to any authoritative Catholic Church teaching on faith and morals.
  6. PMRC will not advocate or promote in any of its activities or any course of action which is in contradiction to the definition of marriage defined as the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
  7. PMRC will seek to always be caring and just in its relationships with staff, volunteers, clients and people in other organisations, groups and people in the wider community.
  8. PMRC will strive to ensure the health and safety of all staff, volunteers, clients and others in our places of operations.
  9. PMRC will hold itself accountable for its programmes and fiscal operations. It will seek appropriate objective certification that it meets standards of quality in its performance.
  10. PMRC will establish policies and procedures which assure the privacy of the relationship established with staff, volunteers, clients and other relevant bodies, within the frame-work of State and Federal laws.
  11. PMRC will subscribe to and advocate for, within its own policies and practices, the principle of subsidiary with its concern to leave the highest degree of freedom to the individual which is consonant with the common good.
  12. In evaluating the effectiveness of its programmes, PMRC will not only take into account standards drawn from professional and bureaucratic practice, but will also take into account values of justice and love drawn from the Gospel.


By placing itself firmly within the mission of the Catholic Church, PMRC expects that all members, executives, volunteers, management, professional and support staff will identify themselves with the essential aspects of the Church’s mission; irrespective of their own faith traditions and beliefs.

All associated with the work and administration of PMRC will be expected to accept and conform to this Code of Ethics.