Grant applications submitted to the PMRC Relationship Education Foundation are required to contain the following information:

  • Grant Title
  • Grant Recipient
  • Requested value of Grant
  • Purpose for which the Grant will be used
  • Proposed method for providing evidence of how the granted funds were used
  • Any other supporting material which may assist the Foundation in its assessment of the grant application

The purpose of the grant must be consistent with the objectives of the Foundation, in order for the application to be successful. The Foundation’s primary objective is to improve the capacity of individuals, married couples and families to form healthy, stable married relationships and, by doing so:

  1. Increase the quality and stability of marriages, as defined under the Marriage Act of the Australian Federal Government.
  2. Reduce the incident of behaviour in pre-married individuals that are likely to reduce successful (formation of and stability of) marriages in later years.
  3. Increase protective behaviours (i.e., behaviour that promotes resilience and functionality) for husband and wives, families and individuals.
  4. Reduce the risk of harmful, abusive or other at risk behaviours and outcomes, including divorce and emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Grant applications are to be submitted to the PMRC Business Manager ( Grant applications will be reviewed by the PMRC Relationship Education Foundation Committee. Applicants will be advised within 14 days as to the outcome of their application.