Funding an Online Adaptation of the SmartLoving Marriage Seminar
The Marriage Resource Centre is currently considering the development a new marriage enrichment resource that would be the online equivalent of the SL marriage seminar. This resource will be entirely digitally delivered, and will help spouses connect with each other and learn practical strategies to build happy and resilient marriages. Like all SmatLoving resources, it will be designed using innovative frameworks and liberating insights from contemporary psychology and Catholic theology. It will utilise video-delivered content removing the need for trained presenters and allow it to be entirely digitally delivered; allowing this program to be rapidly rolled out in a very low cost manner.
There is a significant development cost for this program given both the technology development required, and the amount of filming required to build the video-delivered content. We hope to be able to largely fund this resource through the efforts of the Foundation.

Funding an Newlywed Digital Resource

The newlywed years are well known to be the highest risk years for marriage breakdown. The Marriage Resource Centre is presently in the process of designing a digital resource designed to support couples through these years with a weekly thought piece. Content development is underway, and funds will help complete the process and build the digital platform.

Funding a National Marriage Educators Conference
In October 2016 and Feb 2018, The Marriage Resource Centre hosted Australia’s largest national marriage conference, The Renaissance of Marriage ( with 180+ delegates in attendance. The conference provided input from Australian and international experts in all areas of marriage formation and was attended by marriage educators (both paid and volunteer), clergy, teachers and those on the coal face of marriage and relationship education. The PMRC Foundation provided extensive funding to support the fixed costs associated with hosting this event.
In July 2019, the Marriage Resource Centre will host the next Renaissance Of Marriage Conference. Registration fees once again will be kept to a minimum, intended to cover the direct and variable costs of the conference only. The Marriage Resource Centre will once again be seeking further funding from the PMRC Foundation to contribute to the fixed “behind the scene” costs associated with hosting this event.

Supporting organisations working with Youth
The PMRC Foundation actively supports organisations, such as Real Talk Australia, who provide relationship and proximate marriage education with a Christian ethos to students in high schools.
Good marriage and relationship skills are learnt from an early age, starting in the home, where children learn who they are and how the human person is called to give and receive love. The term proximate marriage education refers to the period in time when young people are dating and starting to make choices about life long partners.
It is vital that students are receiving positive information about healthy relationships and the value of their own self during this formative period in their life, in order to achieve respectful and lasting relationships and marriages in future years. The PMRC would like to continue to be able to offer funding to broaden the reach of existing programs throughout Australia and to encourage new initiatives in this area.