PMRC Relationship Education Foundation

Established in 2009, the purpose of the PMRC Relationship Education Foundation is to provide funding to the activities of PMRC Australia and other organisations and individuals involved in providing marriage and relationship education services and resources to the wider community.

PMRC Relationship Education Foundation Committee

The PMRC Relationship Education Foundation is governed by a Management Committee which meets regularly to review fundraising activities, the status of existing grants, preside over grant applications, and to monitor the regulatory and financial compliance of the Foundation.

Current committee members are:

  • Mr Ray O’Brien
  • Dr Byron Pirola
  • Mr Brad Prentice

Profiles of the committee members are available here.

How to apply for funding

Applications for funding are made through completion of a Grant Application Form, which is reviewed by the Management Committee. Grant application guidelines and template may be downloaded here.

Donate to the Foundation

Every dollar donated to the Foundation is used to directly support marriage and relationship education activities. All of the administrative work of the Foundation is provided by volunteers and other support infrastructure is ‘gifted’ by other organisations.

All donations to the Foundation over $2 are tax deductible.