PMRC (Australia) Incorporated holds to the following values which underpins all that
it does:

  1. The sanctity of marriage as a permanent life-long commitment between a man and a woman
  2. Men and women are equal but different; and these differences are complementary
  3. The fundamental and central role of the family in society
  4. The primacy as parents as the primary educators of their children
  5. The individual’s right to live a full life without undue social control and unwarranted interference
  6. The individual’s need to be part of a meaningful and fulfilling social network for a continued sense of well being.
  7. The sanctity and dignity of human life from the moment of its conception until death


PMRC (Australia) Incorporated observes the following principles in formulating policies, establishing programmes and detailing procedures in all of its operations.

  1. All policies, programmes and procedures will be faithful to Gospel values and the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.
  2. All policies, programmes and procedures will reflect the recognition that the human dignity of each person is inviolable, and brings with it natural rights and duties.